Saturday, April 9, 2011

Angel Ginger, it's been a year

My sweet red girl, my Ginger of the Flying Ears ... it's been a year since you left this earth... seems like yesterday, seems like a hundred years ago ... you had come to us in July 2008, escaped from a shelter down the road aways, came right to our gate and waited for my husband to come home, jumped in his truck and rode on in ... to your forever home, which only lasted a year and a half ... I have always loved Irish setters, used to have them years ago, but you, my dear, were the sweetest of them all ... I thank St. Francis for giving you to me, if only for such a short time ... it is so very hard to lose our animal companions, even if they live out their allotted span, but to lose you seemed so very unfair, you had such a rough life before you found us, and were so very happy with all the room to run, run, run ... with DB, Banshee and then Snoopy ... ah, you were such a dear girl. And you battled the evil lymphoma so courageously, came back from the edge, gave us 3 months to love you more, and then left us. After you passed on April 9 (a Friday last year), you came back several times and turned on the motion lights on the outbuildings (you'd do that of an evening, run around to all the buiildings, the lights flicking on as you passed ...) I've been watching tonight to see if perhaps ... but no. I guess your spirit is at rest now, waiting patiently for us to join you in the glorious place God has for us ... and I'm sure you're playing with the other dog angels, particularly Sadie,Isis and Bridie, who all passed in the same week last year ... dance on, my sweet red girl, until we meet again...

Notes from friends

Annette Van Der Walt Thinking of you tonight, hoping that the memories of your sweet girl will bring a smile to your face, remembering the greatness of a special dog that came into your life!

Christine Duff Neff Hugs to you MaryLou! Such a sad anniversary and such a tragic loss, but such a beautiful life!

Michelle Zak I read every post you've written on Ginger and she became a part of our family. You both found each other and shared such a tender time together.

Hugs and love to you Mary Lou!
Mona Nahorny Even while you miss your girl, you still find time and love to welcome others into your life. What a remarkable person you are, Mary Lou.

Susan Kellett Gue Beautiful post. I look forward to the day we can see our pups again. Until then, you keep doing the wonderful work you do, caring for the pack you have and all those pups that seek you out (like Corey and little Mattie). :)

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there.
I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glint on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the autumn rain.
When you awake in the morning hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of birds circling in flight.
I am the stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there.
I do not sleep...

Dear Mary Lou
That is so beautiful.
Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures of Angel Ginger on FB. They clearly show her special nature. She is not only beautiful physically but she has a special presence, wise and loving.
The only way I can come to terms with losing Bridie as I did is to think of her as God-sent and God-taken. To offer the whole experience up. I feel it will take me a long time to discover why she came to me and to learn what she came to teach me. Sometimes I feel I'm not doing very well, too caught up with work and day to day living...
I feel Angel Ginger was a similar being. I feel for you at this time of grief. She wa so beautiful and so utterly devoted to you. I feel privileged to have your companionship in this journey. On we go...
love from Kathy

Thanks, dearest Mary Lou, for these absolutely marvellous lines!!!


Mary Lou,
A beautiful tribute for Ginger. They are never forgotten. Run sweet girl, run.
Mary Lou - Your letter to Ginger of the Flying Ears is lovely. She knew exactly what she was doing when she chose you. I am sorry it was so short, but am happy for her that her life ended in such a loving place. While we undoubtedly have loved and will love many animals in our lives, there are some that share a very unique bond that change us forever. It's a beautiful thing.

i remember that day she jumped in the truck.god told her she was going to a wonderful loving home. she lived a happy life. her spirit will always be with you. she has crossed over now and awaits you for that great reunion. sending many hugs as you remember sweet ginger and may her memorys help ease your pain. janice,angels charlie,lucy,cookie
Mary Lou
Gone but never ever forgotten! The memories we cherish is a testament to the love we shared. I thank God every day for entrusting these beautiful creatures to our care. Angel Ginger touched so many lives and that was her mission
Here on earth. And then one day God needed her more.
Celebrate her life & the memories you have of this special girl.
You know she is in your heart and always with you in spirit.
Angel Ginger you blessed so many during your life and I know you have a special place at the Bridge.
Mary Lou just reflect on the blessings that your girl gave to so many.
Hugs & prayers
Pat. Angel Sally
Bo & Tony
Mary Lou Hi,

I post here to passing as this is the place and I can so see ginger passing the buildings setting off the lights. I know folks will say they are never gone but, they have to move on to be with God I know this and their they will wait for us to come back home. It is so hard for me to write this because I know I have seen them here after death for a bit then there is a moment when you get your last look. There is a feeling of dis pare and peace all at the same time you want to call out for them to come back but, they vanish and your left with a blanket of peace and then Anger as if you know this was the last time. It is for real like a rain drop hitting the waters surface and the rings that float out from the droplet and soon the surface is as smooth as glass. When it rains look there into the puddle and see this happen it is like your life. This is the moment and death is the forever. We all have to make the best of the moment to know the reward of the forever and this is where they all are waiting for us all to join them.

Know you have loved hard and deep and so it is and will be like an echo off the mountain it shall one day be returned to you...... Ginger is in your hart and your in hers God Bless yours Peter D. Buckley
So beautifully written. They are with us always. I'm so happy that Ginger found a loving home even if it was a short time. She picked you to help her transition to the next dimension, and that is an honor.


Lisa Y and Angel Sadie
I thought about you and Ginger yesterday. It just came out of the blue. I
felt the heaviness and ache you must be feeling and I wanted you to know I
was there with you is my heart. When I lost Valerie, I felt as though my
child had died and it took a long time to put aside that pain. It never
truly goes away but at least the ache subsides with time. I hope you are
celebrating her life and not so much on he tragic death. She gave you so
much love, respect and she knew you were her special angel. She may be your
angel now but you were truly her angel when she needed you. God gave her to
you already knowing you were the proper one to take care of her. Her giving
you Corey was also a gift from God and you have given another dog who
wouldn't have otherwise had a great place to run, a home. My thoughts are
there for all of you this weekend. Love ya, Brenda
Mary Lou,

What a wonderful tribute. My tears are flowing again.
One thing Ginger had was a very good life with you. And lots of love.
Love, JoAnn
I can't believe its been a year either, yet at other times it seems like 100 years. I will never forget the month of April,our furbabies one after the other passing to the Bridge. I pray that you will concentrate on the wonderful positive memories that Ginger has left you.....My heart still hurts for the loss of your Ginger....I remember sitting and crying at my desk in work when I read in your blog that she had passed. I was so upset that I could not email you back.( firewall),,,,I knew then, a feeling in my heart told me that Isis did not have much time either.....and she did cross over on 4/17.
A candle is lit and prayers said ....God bless you.
Margie, Max and Isis
Good heavens, ML. You made me cry Big Time! Should have known not to read it. You are too good with words when it comes to your doggies. .... Kathy

Very dear post. I know you're glad to be remembering, no matter how difficult. She was a good, wonderful girl.

Janet E Tarbox

oh my how time goes by so swiftly... Ginger how I loved reading and learning
about this beautiful soul...... forever missed ... Ginger left paw prints on
many hearts ....Linda

dear Mary Lou,

anniversaries are in some ways as difficult as the actual day. i have felt crumby all day, headache and heart hurts.

blessings to your your sweet angel Ginger..

Carlene and Joysie (brn 5 Dec 2000, died 10 Oct 2010)

It does not seem that long since she left. I teared up again reading this. I never knew she was a shelter escapee. God bless you...she was brought to your family so she could enjoy the rest of her life and you provided her with love and devotion she may have never known....all the way to the end. Hugs.

Willowynd Collies

Mary Lou - It is so true, feels like yesterday, feels like forever ago all at the same time. You're words for Ginger are so loving. Thank you for sharing them.

All my best,

Mary Lou,

Hugs sent to you. No matter how much we say or believe death is not final, nothing seems more final to those of us left behind.

Jo Ann
The year anniversaries are the hardest. Yes your girl the sweet
girl with the flying ears will always be in your heart forever. At
this time we reflect on the joy they brought us and the sorrow
they are no longer with us.

God Bless,

Sweet Ginger ... an angel (((hugs))) Rebecca

Dear Mary Lou,

Ginger lives forever in your heart and in bright memories. Love is eternal.

Lynn G in Los Angeles with Mickey and Lotus, and angels Bingo and Simba