Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday April 4

Easter Sunday, a beautiful day .... sunny, warm, the pine tree yellow Easter crosses especially full and beautiful this year ... early Easter, early spring ... feels more like May ... Ginger and the rest very lively this AM, had a good run, gave meds, fed and kenneled, went to church for a truly lovely service, fresh flowers for the flower cross, the little church ablaze with flowers and light ... returned and let dogs out (husband had leftthem kenneled as was working around their kennels... went for a mid day run, a bit of mowing, then sat with DB and Ginger on the bench by the pond ... Banshee hunting something again in the chinaberry cave, Snoopy trying to entice husband and worker into playing ball. After lunch did some more wash, then sat outside awhile (the pollen is really bothering me so went in again). All dogs sleepy, asleep on porch and Ginger inside. Managed to throw my shoulder out of place (muscle spasm), Ginger tried to help by jumping on the small of my back while I lay facedown ... and, it worked! My dog the chiropractor! Feeling better, went out and mowed some more, Ginger follows, back and forth, around and around (am trying to get the vetch around the pear trees and Leyland cypress in back), stop to watch man feed neighbor's horses (she's out of town for easter too) and let Ginger rest, sit near the wild plums which have stopped blooming and are setting fruit .... then back to the trailer, Ginger is dragging a bit so put her inside, then mow some more ... husband then joins me on tractor, with Ginger again, after awhile I go and sit on the porch with all dogs to watch the sun set (beautiful, streaks of orange and pink) throw ball for Snoopy off the porch (she stands in the yard and ries to guess which direction I'll throw), Banshee, DB and Ginger laying graceflly around me. Getting dark, get dogs food (had prepaed earlier), feed and kennel, give each a full size trachea chewie for easter, then bring Ginger inside for evening meds and snacks ... a wonderful day, full of the grace of God and His beautiful springtime, which by His mercy Ginger has been allowed to see ... thank you all for your prayers and Easter messages, here are a few ... 'May Easter day and its promise of life, be for you a continuation of joy, health, love and strength. His hands will touch you.' ....
'Mary Lou-May this day and everyday give you peace in knowing God's hand is guiding you and Ginger. Giving to others is the best gift of all and both of you have' ....;I have lit a thank you for sharing your journey with us and to let you know how appreciated this gift is. Thank you again--Ginger, keep doing God's work! The rewards are great.' ....'To Ginger, Our beautiful red lady.'....I hope you, Ginger and the rest of the gang have a great Easter tomorrow. What a great celebration, she is doing well. THAT is amazing. =) Give her a hug & kiss!' .... 'Happy Easter Ginger and Mary Lou and your whole gang. I hope that the celebration of the season lifts you up and keeps you both going.' Yes indeed, this has been a blessed and joyful Easter for me, and I thank you all for your love and compassion.
Mary Lou
DB,Banshee,Ginger and Snoopy(dogs)
Callie in spirit (04/90-06/07)

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