Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thurs April 8

AM: Called ER vet this AM. Ginger still on IV, just laying there. Temp
still 105. Not eating or drinking or responsive. They do have her on
pain meds. My husband says he thinks that is why she is still groggy.
We are going to go to Augusta and get her as soon as traffic clears
(for those not in the USA and/or not into sports, the Masters Golf
Tournament is this week in Augusta which means you can't get in and
out of town until about 10AM) and bring her to my vet in Aiken. I have
to see her for myself and I guess have bloodwork done and call
oncologist. The fever a week and a half ago came down by the next AM
she was fine so this may be the end. Thank you for your prayers and
messages of support last night and this morning, I don't know what I'd
do without you all. Pray for us today.

PM Update:
Picked Ginger up at ER vet 1100 AM. She was almost unconscious had to be carried to car. Got her to Aiken vet.  Had to be carried in, but once in the room she stood up, I took her slowly outside where she pee'd. Temp 105. Barely responsive, barely recognized us, would try to roll on her back for a belly rub.  Gained 2 lbs of fluid weight since last night. Back on IVs and more antibiotics at 1230.  Vet said it could be pain meds she was given making her groggy or fever. Blood work done, renal function fine, calcium normal, liver elevated. Oncologist and local vet said try another 24 hrs, leave her on IV antibiotics til they close and then bring her home and take her back in AM. This was about 230 PM. Went home. Let other dogs out for run. Then fell asleep around 415PM. Husband then woke me at 5 PM and said he would go get Ginger in Aiken. He was gone before I fully woke up. Husband just called from vet. Ginger still has fever of 104 is now having diarrhea and  6 PM still too weak to walk and must be carried. They are still hopeful the fever will break tonight as she is pumped full of antibiotics and it has gone down 1 degree again. I am going to leave her there tonight as I did 2 weeks ago, although they do not have all night staff someone checks dogs every 2 hrs and if in pain will give sedative, which I cannot do and will clean them up from diarrhea. I am so afraid she'll start that shaking again, it is terrifying.  I cannot pick her up and carry her outside and  do not want husband putting his back out again. I guess I should have left her in Augusta at the ER vet but frankly I do not feel comfortable with them except for that one vet tech. No one including the oncologists can understand what is going on except the infection whatever it was must have come back. (These are definitely not side effects from chemo, her last chemo was the CCNU  which was February 18, she has only been on pred and Leukeran since then.) But it does not seem to be the cancer aggressing again as the oncologist said it would show in the calcium levels and also her renal function (as the worst affected nodes are the ones that cut off her urethers.) There is also the possibility of the nodes going necrotic, the oncologist said he had thought if that were what was happening the infection would not have responsded to antibiotics 2 weeks ago and the only way to treat her now is the antibiotics and fluids. I feel awful not bringing her home but I believe it is better for her to be at the vet overnight. Also there is a tornado watch tonight.

I deeply appreciate your prayers and support. I am looking for the good in today, and, of course it is that we have received all this love and support, and, the bloodwork was normal, and my sweet red girl does have a chance to pull through yet again. God bless all of you for your caring and compassion during this long day, and keep praying tonight that Ginger may be dancing again tomorrow.
Mary Lou
DB,Banshee,Ginger and Snoopy(dogs)
Callie in spirit (04/90-06/07)

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