Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday April 1

Another beautiful spring day ... Ginger lively and loving, good AM
run, meds, fed and kenneled went to work ... long day, hearing in
Augusta, then office, then home briefly, greeted dogs, all out,
husband on tractor in back, rode down hill accompanied by all dogs to
tell him was back, (he said Ginger had followed him all day) fixed
dogs food then went to church (Maundy Thursday), returned home
(stopped to buy eggs for Ginger), dogs already fed and kenneled,
brought Ginger in with me for evening meds, eggs, ground turkey soup,
fed Damcat, husband and myself ... Ginger very feisty tonight, she's
out turning on the motion lights for a second time ... ah, God is
good, another wonderful day for my sweet red girl... thank you all for
your prayers and support on our journey, dancing on ..... through
another month, praise God.

Mary Lou
DB,Banshee,Ginger and Snoopy(dogs)
Callie in spirit (04/90-06/07)

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