Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wed April 7 Please pray for us

I got home about 430, had been at accountants, husband still in town.
Let dogs out, noticed Ginger didnt run to kennel gate, but then perked
up and was fine, took them on a brief run (still hot) then let Ginger
inside, gave her some eggs and liver water. I then lay down. Ginger
joined me in bedroom. Had a brief nap, phone rang, gor up answered it.
Then I noticed Ginger hadnt followed me into kitchen. Went back to
bedroom, she then followed me to kitchen. Answered some emails then
noticed Ginger laying by me ... shaking. I took her temp, 102.7. She
wouldnt eat even liver water. Its after 6 PM, the vet is closed. I got
an antibiotic down her (covered in canned dog food, she then ate a few
mouthfuls out of my hand.) Called husband, he still in town a half
hour away. She is still shaking. She wanted to go outside where she
drank water. I then fed and kenneled the other dogs, Ginger followed
to kennels but won't eat. She followed me back to the trailer but wont
come inside. She is now on the porch. She is still shaking. Her temp
still 102.7. I dont know what to do. I am waiting for husband to get
home I guess to take her to ER vet. Please pray for us. Oh my Lord,
please help me.


Update 11:15 PM

Just got back from ER vet. Left Ginger there on IV fluid and antibiotics and pain meds til tomorrow. When husband got home around 7 PMher temp was 104.5. I put wet towels on her belly and gave her sub-cu fluids, which seemed to slow the shaking to a tremor, but  decided to take her to ER vet. in Augusta It's about 45 min away. ( I could not face going through the night with Ginger in pain or in fever and waiting til morning to take her to Aiken.) By time we got there she was shivering violently again, and beginning to dehydrate (gums looking bad.) Temp 105. Admitted her (at least they let you stay with her while IVs placed etc), her front legs are too scarred now so had to do back leg. Ginger very sweet and dignified. Vet said will try different antibiotics, also pain med in case she is in pain. The tech on duty tonight used to work at the UGA oncology dept. so was very familiar with cancer patients. Ginger was resting more comfortably but still trembling when left around10:15. From what I remember of my  conversation with oncologist last time this happened, if its a secondary infection the antibiotics will work, if its the nodes going necrotic it won't. We should know tomorrow AM if it is working. I will call oncologist in AM. to see what he says. The ER vet is so gawdawful expensive ($650 for the 24 hr IV and antibiotics), however my local vet only can do IV in daytime (which worked last time, but not an option tonight) Also its Masters Week in Augusta so you really have to pick times to be able to even get over there and back.

THANK YOU for your prayers, I could feel your support, it kept me relatively calm and focused. At least I managed to take her temp properly , get an antibiotic into her, and give her the sub-cu fluids and get wet towels on her belly (none of which I would have been able to think straight enough to do without the advice from so many of you during our last crisis, and without feeling that you were all 'pulling for me' and I couldn't let Ginger (or y'all) down.)

Mary Lou
DB,Banshee,Ginger and Snoopy(dogs)
Callie in spirit (04/90-06/07)

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