Sunday, April 11, 2010

Remembering Ginger

This was posted on one of my other email lists today .... and I thought I'd share it with all my friends .... if anyone has a new puppy, or just wants to be a part of a great dog list, this is from .... anyway, here is my post of July 30,2008 .... and today, on my way home from church, on my way home, I pass the shelter Ginger escaped from to come home to me ... and I've always wondered how she found us, today I seemed to sense her, running beside the road, never stopping at any of the other farms, tho she did stop for a detour into a bit of pine woods (I stopped beside the road today, I could see her in my minds eye VERY clearly, rummaging through the woods then all of a sudden her head goes UP, her ears cock, and she sets off purposefully again, down the road to my place, stops ...
the gate is closed... and settles by the side to wait for my husband's truck...) this was a very clear picture, like a video.

I have updated Ginger's blog with this and with some of the wonderful messages I've received ... God bless you all for your kindness and compassion.


Hi All,

I searched our archives this morning to find Mary Lou's post about the day Ginger just "showed up".  In retrospect, it is very heart warming and, to me, shows that Ginger clearly knew what she was doing when she chose Mary Lou and Tom.  Her life may have been short, but it was not without purpose... and oh, so sweet :-)

Here's a snippet, but you can read the whole thing at message #46158 in
the archives.

> OK, St. Francis strikes again at Mary lou's homestead ... tonight I
> had gotten home, let my girls out, my husband calls from the gate and
> sez 'there's an Irish setter in my truck and it wont get out'. He had
> gotten out to open the gate and when he got back in the truck the
> Irish was sitting firmly planted in the passenger seat. I called the
> shelter (down the road) and yep, Ginger was one of theirs, who'd
> escaped 3 times in the past week. They'd kept her inside in a crate at
> night and outside with the other dogs (in a 5 t fence) during the day.
> She'd also escaped from the last adopter several weeks ago. Now I do
> know Irishes, my Katie could sail over a 6 ft fence, no problem, and
> the problem with Irishes is they then get lost and cant remember how
> to get home. While I'm talking to Denise (who's trying to talk me into
> keeping Ginger to see if my 17 acres will be enuf to quell her urge to
> roam) my husband falls in love and starts going (like a 10 yr old) oh
> please can we keep her. And she's pretty pitiful, feathers all matted
> (the other thing I recall about Irishes is the endless grooming:-)

Cricket Mara

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