Friday, April 9, 2010

Thank you

I cannot begin to tell you how overwhelmed and honored I am by the outpouring of love and support from you all ... God bless you all for your sweet compassion and understanding ... messages and candles from the stalwart supporters who have written every night, messages from people who had been following Ginger's journey in silence ... oh dear Lord what a wonderful blessing to read these throughout this day and evening ... for those who have asked after the rest of our family, my husband, the Damcat, DB, Banshee and Snoopy ... my husband is grieving deeply, he always has felt a special connection to Ginger, as she jumped in his truck at our gate, and he said (like the 10 year old who lives inside all grown men 'can we keep her?' ) ....the Damcat has felt the loss of his big red friend very deeply, he looked for her everywhere, and he was there when I collapsed in grief after I first heard the news, circling me, meowing piteously ... he is better now, very loving (unusual for the Damcat) ... the dogs were a wonderful comfort to me today, they knew, of course,before I even did, they knew our sweet red girl wasn't coming back this time... I am glad my husband waited to tell me until I got them fed and kenneled and had time to go inside and compose myself to come back out and talk to them ... we had a good after breakfast run, around the whole property, stopping at the spots Ginger loved the best, the wild plum trees, the drainage pond, the oak trees ... later this afternoon my husband and I mowed, as I've said before when I would mow Ginger would stick by my left side, back and forth, while the others went off about their doggy business ... not tonight, tonight when I'd look up, there'd always be ONE of the dogs, either laying under a tree watching me, or standing just off to one side while the other two went off about their business... they'd change places every ten minutes or so, Banshee would lay under a tree, her eyes never leaving me, I'd look up again and Snoopy would have taken her place, then DB ... and so on until I finally went back to the garage, all three at my side.

I have the dogs fed and kenneled now, back to the computer ... to read the memorial messages for my Ginger ... but my sweet red girl isn't here in the flesh to read them aloud to, so I'm just reading them silently, and copying them into a file to hold close to my heart forever ...

YES I believe my Ginger is running free, across the bridge, meeting up with all the dogs (and cats) who have gone before her (I think that's what uplifts my spirit the most, the thought of Ginger meeting the dogs we've met through the lists who have gone before her, and the others so many of you have written to me about .... and all of them in that special part of Heaven where they wait for us to join them... ) and YES I believe I felt her spirit this morning, at my left side, waiting for her treat, and YES I believe her spirit will be with me whenever I need the loving touch of her sweet soul .... but oh Lord, it is SO hard to not be able to stroke her silken ears, to look into her beautiful brown eyes, to feel her tongue on my cheek ... our love for our animals is so rooted in the physical, it is so hard to lose that ... I am grateful for my other animals and their loving kindness today, I am grateful to my husband and his strong support, and I am so grateful for all of you ... God is indeed good, to have blessed me with such a remarkable throng of angels on this earth, who have cared enough to join in our journey, right up to the end...

Live each moment as if it were the last ... see and cherish the 'ordinary' for the extraordinary gift from God it really is ... believe in the power of love and prayer ... that God is good .... and dance through the valley of the shadow of death, fearing no evil ... the lessons my journey with sweet Ginger have taught me and I have tried to share ...  thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Mary Lou
DB,Banshee, Snoopy(dogs)
Ginger in spirit (2005-04/09/10)
Callie in spirit (04/90-06/07)

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