Thursday, April 8, 2010

Late PM Thurs April 8

I am writing one more update tonight, I have gotten an email from a dear friend which made me realize my intentions for Ginger are not clear, and I am going to share my response with you all, as there may be others who are wondering the same ... I am very much opposed to causing animals, or people, to linger on past their time and suffer, I have helped my animal companions in the past across the bridge when they told me it was time ... if it were legal, I would do the same for my human loved ones. I have a deep faith in eternal life for ALL God's creatures. I was actually prepared to let my Ginger  go this afternoon, but I wanted to see what the bloodwork was, I fully expected it to show renal failure and high calcium, I told Ginger that was what I was waiting for, and, I told her that since her BW was OK, that meant it was the infection and there was still a chance the antibiotics might work. I HATED leaving her there tonight w/o even seeing her again but my husband went to get her before I could stop him, he was worried about me I think and wanted me to sleep. But anyway, when he called from the vet and the vet told me she was in such bad shape I could not bring her home, I wanted her to be as comfortable as possible tonight.

I am trying to picture her with her eyes bright and her ears flying, not laying there unresponsive with dull eyes, I do know in my mind that the antibiotics
take time to kick in but oh it was so hard to leave her like that. I am SO against causing animals (and people) to linger on past their time, but I felt there is still hope the antibiotics will work and the fever will break. I obviously will know tomorrow. If she hadnt 'come back' from the brink of death 2 weeks ago and then was fine, no, I would NOT put her through this. I made the decision to not put her through any more aggressive chemo, as it was not working as hoped for, and to not put her through radiation as there was only a tiny chance it would be effective, and I wanted her to have a good quality of life to the end and did not want her stuck away in a hospital undergoing any more treatments. But I felt she has a chance to beat this infection as she did before, and so did the vets.

Ginger has taught me a  lot in the past 3 months. I had previously thought that I did know how to live in the moment, enjoy the little things of life, but I didnt, not really, not as I do now.

PLEASE try to reach out to my Ginger tonight, let her know how much
she is loved, and try to picture her as bright and shining and running
with her ears flying. The rest is in Gods hands.

Here are some of the beautiful messages I've received today .... Fight that fever Honey-you can beat this!!' ....'A candle of hope and healing for Ginger. May she dance again soon and often!' .... 'For Precious Ginger...Lord please hold her in Your healing Hands and make her strong and give her Mom courage and trust in You'....'Ginger-May God's healing touch you tonight and heal your pain and give you comfort. All my prayers and love are with you'....
'Mary Lou & Beautiful Ginger...May God Bless both of you in yet another battle with this beast. Get better soon, Ginger....gotta turn those motion lights on! Keep us posted when you can. Hugs & drools' ....'Dear Sweet Ginger....this candle is lit to help light the way for you to find your way back yet once again. You are loved by so many!!!! '....'Ginger of the Flying Ears, I hope St. Francis holds you in His arms, and that you are happy for as long as possible. Bright Blessings to you. '....'I have lit a continue the healing and to show my love for you and your guardian. Fly high, Beautiful, touch the stars and bathe in God's Holy touch.'....'Ginger-A healing prayer is sent your way, from my heart to God's ear. May your days be long and as beautiful as you!'

Thank you all, my dear friends, from the bottom of my heart. God is good. He sent you all to me and Ginger.

Mary Lou
DB,Banshee,Ginger and Snoopy(dogs)
Callie in spirit (04/90-06/07)

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